K-9 Rappel Course

Students will be required to carry their dog up several ladders/ flights of stairs and run 50 yards. This will be tested prior to the start of the course. Failure will result in student/ K-9 team being dismissed from the course, tuition is non-refundable.

8-16 Student/ K-9 teams (8 minimum) 12-16 Hours

Price: Contact Us

Department/ Host rates available

Course Objective: Students will learn how to rappel with their K-9, obtaining entry into hard to reach areas, a must for SAR and Cadaver detection K-9 teams.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Rappel harness
  • 5 locking carabiners
  • Rescue figure 8
  • Rappel gloves
  • Helmet
  • K-9 rappel harness
  • All needed K-9 equipment.
  • Muzzle

Learning Goals:

  • Knots (4)
  • Inspection of Individual Gear
  • Strong Hand Braking
  • Tactical Roll Off
  • Figure 8 Plate Tie-off
  • 8 Link Self Belay
  • Belay Procedures
  • Stop/ Lower
  • Top Belay
  • Rappelling with K-9, K-9 being lowered with rappeller