Tom’s Thoughts


If you are looking at tactical training for your team, keep in mind you don’t need to send your entire team to any rappelling training. Our philosophy is that your team should have a rappel element just like you have a sniper element, entry team or specialty impact element. You get 4-5 of your team members that are interested in this element, get them trained up on tactical rope entries and between them and your team rappel masters, you progress forward with more advanced training. This way you don’t waste time and money you can use on other training.


If you found your way to our site attempting to learn how to rappel by reading about it; you are going about this all wrong. There are some things in life you don’t learn how to do by reading about. Sky diving, scuba diving, rappelling. There is little room for error, and errors in these three things can get you hurt or killed. Seek professional, practical instruction. Yes it costs money, but so does medical care or a funeral, but they cost much more and you could lose much more. Please contact us for formal, practical, safe training.