Tom’s Thoughts


If you are looking at tactical training for your team, keep in mind you don’t need to send your entire team to any rappelling training. Our philosophy is that your team should have a rappel element just like you have a sniper element, entry team or specialty impact element. You get 4-5 of your team members that are interested in this element, get them trained up on tactical rope entries and between them and your team rappel masters, you progress forward with more advanced training. This way you don’t waste time and money you can use on other training.


Our staff at Tactical Rappel Instruction realize that COVID-19 and current national events has greatly impacted Law Enforcement training and training budgets nationwide. Even though training seems non-existent, with the uncertainty of everything; the calls for service and the emergency services call-outs keep coming.  We at Tactical Rappel Instruction stand ready with our Law Enforcement partners around the country to provide the rappel related training you need whenever your agency is ready.